I *love* SEO. But it sucks.

I got bored of writing backlinks, waiting months and constantly checking rank trackers. Google says they want you to just write good content but I was spending most of my time building shitty links.

What if there was a way to rank laser-focused keywords without needing to wait months to see results or spend most of your time building backlinks?

KGR keywords caught my attention with the headline ‘How to find keywords you can rank for in 48 hours’.

If you haven’t already heard the term it doesn’t really matter. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You can rank much quicker than normal keywords and skip the Google sandbox.
  2. You can rank without backlinks
  3. The individual volume is low but the value can be huge. These are laser-focused keywords in some highly competitive markets.
  4. I rank keywords like this with short, easy to produce articles which have little to no unique content.
  5. They can take a long time to find by hand.

And - I’ve made it even easier.

If you’ve looked at KGR before you might have seen one of two things.

People writing 2,000-word articles for keywords with 50 searches or people twisting the rules and trying to target higher volume keywords and not ranking quickly.


I’ve added further filtering to all my keywords so we don’t target anything below 100 (saves you time) and nothing over 250 (so you can rank faster). I’ve also tried to rule out any keywords where RankBrain is obviously ignoring titles.

THEN someone manually checks over the keywords to make sure they make sense to go for. I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t target myself.

This means I look at thousands of keywords just to find a dozen which suit these rules.

What Am I Offering?

I can’t possibly make enough content for all the keywords out there but I have the setup to find more on a daily basis.

I’m offering instant access to packs of KGR keywords which are only being sold once. They’ve been through my filtering process and then been manually checked to make sure they’re worth ranking for.

Some keyword packs are perfect for Amazon affiliate reviews. Others are ideal for CPA or Clickbank info articles. You can use them on a niche site or they’re perfect for parasite SEO for some quick traffic.

How Much Can I Make?

In my experience keywords like this are some of the quickest and easiest ways to get free traffic and monetize it. These keywords are hyper-targeted. You know exactly what they want and how to get their attention to your call to action.

I’ve personally used these keywords in some severely weird niches. They ranked quickly with very little work and make consistent sales to this day.

That said the (obvious) disclaimer is this also depends on you. I can’t guarantee you’ll rank for these keywords.


Why don’t I just use the keywords myself?

I do use KGR myself. In fact, I’ve posted about them on BHW several times. I have a number of sites and parasite pages. Some of them have ranked within a week and still bring in traffic daily.

I have a lot of projects going on though and I can’t produce enough content for all of these keywords.

Are you out of stock?

Demand for these keywords is high and thousands of keywords have to be checked just to find a couple which are worth using. If you don’t see any keyword packs it means I’m currently sold out.

I do re-stock daily but if there's something specific you need then drop me a message and I'll try to find a batch within 24 hours.

Will I Sell The Keywords Again?

All packages are only sold one time. Once sold they won’t be offered again.

Do I have any for a specific niche?

Whatever you see listed are the ones I currently have available. If you have a specific niche in mind you can post in the thread or, if you’d rather keep it private, feel free to message me.

Why are all keywords volume 250 or below?

First of all — I’m only going by the US numbers and don’t take into account any longtail/LSI numbers at all. Plenty of my KGR articles get more searches than that.

But I’ve found the higher the volume - the longer a keyword takes to rank. Some providers will go above 250 because they take less work to find but I prefer faster rankings.

I don’t go below 100 either because… well, frankly I’m lazy. I want to rank quickly but not write too much content and I find 100–250 is the sweet spot.

What is the KD?

I don’t check difficulty ratings for these keywords for good reason.

Sometimes they’ll show as very low competition when you have forum posts etc… on the first page.

Sometimes they’ll show as very high competition. This happens because Google doesn’t have anything really targetting those keywords so they use authority sites in the general niche and just hope it fits.

You can still outrank these authority sites easily because you’re targetting the actual phrase.

How Long Before I Get My Keywords?

Your package is instantly available after payment.

How much?

Prices vary based on the niche and keyword volume. I will say I think they're very underpriced for the value you'll get ranking for them.

If I had enough time and resources just to keep making content I'd do that rather than sell them.

How About Refunds?

Because of the nature of the product, I don’t offer refunds. If you have a problem with your purchase you can PM or post in the thread I’ll do my best to sort any issues.

Where do you get your keyword volume?

Rather than just relying on Google keyword data (which can be massively misleading) we get our data from several sources but the final volume numbers we show is taken from ahrefs which pulls in data from Google and Clickstream.

Where do I get these keywords?

I still don’t get it. What is KGR?

I suggest you read this: https://mangools.com/blog/keyword-golden-ratio/ it’ll explain it better than I will. TL;DR: keywords nobody is targetting. They’re hard to find but easy to rank for.

HEADS UP: If you don't see any keywords? We sell out frequently but restock daily. If there's a specific niche you want to see then message me and I'll try and find keywords in your niche within 24 hours.
— "The SEO Mad Hatter"